Fire and Brimstone used to fuel temperment

Primitive Retreat!


Fundamental Health Balance Sheet
A Work-Sheet that helps balance the priorities in life to ensure that every important part of one's life is working together harmoniously

Troubled Soul Vacation

Escape to a secluded primitive retreat for a some introspect while getting in touch with God's majestic wilderness 

2nd Shift Farmers
Forage and grow ancient grains, exotic foods, and rustic nutrition straight from the earth. Also learn techniques to preserve the nutrients organically

Primitive Life Conservatory Project
Groups of 3-4 people team up to experience life in simpler times as they explore nature and their purpose in life. Armed with just a blanket, bible, and each other, participants emerge with a better understanding of entitlement and a greater appreciation for amenities

Life Recovery Bible Study
Seminars and Information about how to recover from addiction, temptations, stressors, and other risks that threaten to derail one's life


Damsels in distress have a chance to recoup, regroup, and focus on the rescue mission without the distractions of modern life. Experience the basic life skills that they utilized in Biblical times!