Passion Fruit Farms


Biblical Archaeology Experience

An interactive farm and restaurant for Biblical Nutrition and Culinary Arts History. Research the history of agriculture, biology, nutrition, cooking, fasting, and blessings through ancient culinary techniques 


Our bodies are amazing biological machines, and sometimes the world around us imposes viruses, germs, and chemicals that leach the natural nutrients from our immune system.  It is important to take a proactive approach to supplementing nutrition from sources outside of our bodies, much like they did in ancient times. We call this symbiotic approach "ProBionic" because it combines the naturally occurring probiotics within our system with the introduction of additional, foreign, richer cultures from outside our digestive system.  

2nd Shift Farmers

Because plants do not demand that we are up at the crack of dawn to serve them...  Forage and grow ancient grains, exotic foods, and rustic nutrition straight from the earth. Also learn techniques to preserve the nutrients organically 


Real life interactive demonstrations of how Biblical Feasts took place and how to prepare your own Ancient Nutritional Food and Drinks 

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Other Programs for Passion Fruit Farms

Fundamental Health Balance Sheet 

A Work-Sheet that helps balance the priorities in life to ensure that every important part of one's life is working together harmoniously

Life Recovery Bible Study

Seminars and Information about how to recover from addiction, temptations, stressors, and other risks that threaten to derail one's life

T.V. Evangelous Program
Discover the Lord's message embedded and hidden in movies and shows to inspire improvement and success in changing one's mind and life

Spiritually Challenged Work Group 

Explore the Artisan's talents within, that God blessed you with, and learn how to put all that unguided energy and personality to work

​Positive Rebellion Agenda

Channeling ones individuality and style constructively and productively. Focus on the elements that make up an individual's personality to increase one's Self-Respect, not just Self-Esteem. Take a subversive approach to Arts & Crafts, Gardening, Cooking, and UpCycling