Home Education - Vocational Education


Home Ec. type skills training that translate into vocational skills. Includes lessons on how to get a job, make money, and budget an income.

HomeEd-VoEd Programs


Fundamental Health Balance Sheet

A Work-Sheet that helps balance the priorities in life to ensure that every important part of one's life is working together harmoniously

M.* Manor of Holistic Spiritual Wellness
After completing the Balance Sheet, we focus on getting all the aspects of one's life running smoothly during this 1 year, one-on-one program

7/8 Sober House AA Group
Group meetings for women who are on the verge of recovery, but need a little more support

Positive Rebellion Agenda

Channeling ones individuality and style constructively and productively. Focus on the elements that make up an individual's personality to increase one's Self-Respect, not just Self-Esteem. Take a subversive approach to Arts & Crafts, Gardening, Cooking, and UpCycling

Distress Pack Project

Suitcases stuffed with supplies for women in distress on the go

Self- Help Book Exchange
Self-Help books on all sorts of topics are available. Once you are finished with it, or one of your own, bring it in and swap it out for another

Pet Therapy Program

Animals of all breeds and sizes bring comfort and joy into one's life and teach important lessons in faith, responsibility, and unconditional love

 *Due to the anonymous nature of these programs, the full name of the Program is not published